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Elgsis CC

Elgsis CC constantly "follows" registered procedures and when their turn comes up, it sends the information about it in to remote controllers. When information is received from controllers, software processes and saves it in database. Supported OS: Microsoft Windows.

Healing procedures registering, activity control and accounting system saves company's money, eases service personnel's work. System helps to prevent unfair staff actions, raises employee's productivity, job scheduling and division, reduces time costs while registering clients, filling, saving and analyzing executed procedures data.

This system is installed and successfully functioning at VšĮ "Druskininkų gydykla", Druskininkai.

Main Elgsis CC software packet features

- Customer registration. Data saving in database;

- Assign procedure enforcement date and time;

- Assignment of an identification code to a customer (or personal ID is used);

- Check printing. All the needed information about the scheduled procedures for the customer is defined in it (procedure name, cabinet, date and time).

- Scheduled procedures moving and cancelling;

- Procedures fulfilling (or not) registration;

- Main data about the customer and carried out procedures saving in PC database.